Ready to close on a house?

Good Deed Closings is a full-service title closing agency

Veterans, Spouses of Veterans & Active Military Duty pay Zero settlement fee on their closing.

All You Need To Do


Once you have a signed contract with the seller, submit your contract to us. 


You’ll get a personal contact from our staff when you submit your order.  We’ll be in contact throughout the whole process so you know there’s nothing to worry about.


We’ll have all the paperwork needed and ready for you and meet you on closing day. You’ll know it will be correct and right on-time. 

You Deserve to Close on a House without a Problem

Good Deed Closings Makes it Easier for You

We’re a full-service title closing agency that helps home buyers purchase their own homes or refinance their property. Just bring us a signed contract with the buyer and we’ll do what it takes to get you to closing on time. Is this your first time going through closing on a house? Don’t worry. Our experienced team will explain all the steps as we go through the process and keep you informed up until the closing day.

What We Do For You

Title Search

Your title indicates past ownership of the property, provides a description of the property and reveals any outstanding liens on it. Good Deed Closings is contracted by you, to research and insure the title of the home you are purchasing.

Use Underwriters

We only use underwriters to approval to write the title insurance policy, to take on the financial risk, and protects your property against any future insurance complications. If any unforeseen issues with the title come up, the title insurance underwriter will have the property owner's back legally.

Correct Inaccuracies

The importance of accurate title work cannot be understated. It is crucial to understand that accurate title work helps you avoid serious problems down the road. A few things we keep an eye on are errors in public records, liens and disputes.


Clear communication is critical when working with Good Deed Closings. We need to understand your needs and expectations to provide the best possible service. If there is a problem or concern, you can freely contact us anytime so that it can be addressed promptly.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Since day one, Good Deed Closings has always been professional and honest with my customers and myself. They also embody the true example of teamwork and getting the job done right and efficient. I couldn’t be happier working with this group. Thank you for being YOU!!!"
LaMarcus Thurman
Northwest Bank
"Good Deed Closings has been a steady provider of closing and title services for my business. I count on a few select service providers to provide consistent, professional and reliable services so that our clients’ needs are met, and the transactions close as needed. Good Deed is one of these companies that meets these requirements consistently. When you have people you can count on to provide you the services needed when needed at a very affordable cost, you in turn can provide good reliable services to your clients. I trust Good Deed and thank them for the attention that they provide to our clients.”
Jim Martin
Mortgage Movement
"Good Deed Closings is a perfect name for a wonderful organization. As a 20+ year mortgage banker, I know what I need in a title company partner. I am always confident they will do what they say they are going to do. I know they will take good care of my clients with courtesy, respect and competitive fees. They are prompt, problem solving and kind. Supportive and quick. Great team players. Plus, they are so involved in non-profit organizations in our area-- working on making a difference every chance they get! Love them!"
Diane Scabilloni
First National Bank
"Good Deeds Closing is one of the best in the business! We love sending our clients here as they have a great 1 on 1 relationship with us and give us great, quick service. They are always responsive and we just can't thank them enough for all that they do to make this a smooth process for our clients."
Michael Pohlot
"I won the lottery tree tickets at the collier fall fest ! We also got to experience the Frozen play !We had a great time and my little girl got to attend her first play ! This company was nothing but kind and generous!”
Ashley Creasy
"Tracy Allen’s efficiency and attention to detail made my out of state closing stress-free. I highly recommend Tracy and Good Deed Closings."

About Us

Is this your first time going through closing on a house? Don’t worry. Our experienced team at Good Deed Closing will explain all the steps as we go through the process.

At Good Deed Closings, we offer a reliable, accurate and on-time title closing service which will save you both time and money without delay. Your closing will be managed from start to finish with a single agent and easy communication at all times. We understand the importance of getting things right the first time, and we will work with you to ensure that your title closing goes off without a hitch.

The home-buying process is fraught with potential problems, any of which could delay the deal. We work tirelessly to check for any inaccuracies of public records, ensure no surprise liens surface and that the bank has sufficient and proper information it needs to complete your paperwork.

We’re fast, accurate and on-time. Every time!

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